Starting point was the idea, to develop a test system with integrated measurement technology for the functional and safety test with a larger adapter but two identical fixtures (nests) for the DUT.

2-in-1 test system with changeable fixture

2-in-1 test system with changeable fixture LXinstruments

2-in-1 test system from LXinstruments

2-in-1 test system LXinstruments

The first fixture is hard wired to the functional test equipment, whereas the second fixture is hard wired to the safety test equipment. The separation is realized in the test adapter, this way, even the simultaneous test of two modules can be performed.

A safety product test is possible in the voltage range above 25 VAC/60 VDC, up to 10 kV according to standard EN50191. The DUT nest is easy to exchange so that different types of DUTs can be tested.

The high voltage enclosure with integrated exchangeable DUT nest (=adapter set) is available in the sizes 600 mm or 900 mm. Thanks to ATX MMIWK adapter cassettes the product contacting is automated, save and repeatable.

Productronica 2019: Halle A1, Stand 543