It transforms this data into actionable insights, providing business intelligence and analysis tools in the cloud. Customers report improved machine availability and OEE by >30 % within three months of installation. Each machine takes under an hour to set up. Sensors are mounted on each machine and a proprietary edge device uploads real-time sensor data to the cloud. The sensors are entirely external to the machines, so there is no need for complex integration or PLC programming. Installation does not require machine downtime or operator involvement. Without any physical connection to the machines, there is no risk of cyber-crime or of human error. APM allows for the monitoring of an entire business, including multiple floors, lines, and even factories. All stakeholders have immediate access to data on desktop or mobile devices. Users benefit from real-time and historical data, organized by machine type, production line, specific floor, and more.

Productronica 2019: Halle B2, Stand 452