Count On Tools

Additionally, the modular trays enable fast changeover between product runs without unloading from the machine. The Stripfeeder.mini trays are compatible with both paper and emboss tape simultaneously, and are ideal for low-volume / high-mix applications and prototyping. The system features removable rails that can be mounted to accommodate a wide array of tape sizes in the same feeder. Unlike the fixed width version, the system can be adjusted by removing the rails and re-positioning them on the base plate at the desired width. The rails align with precision pin locaters and lock down tightly with magnets to guarantee a stable, repeatable application. There are three easy steps to load the systems: cut, load, and place. Just cut a strip of components off the reel, configure the rails and load the tape into the feeder, and place it in the machine. Customers can load up to eleven different parts on a single tray. If properly installed, the system is absolutely non-violent for fragile components or loose packaging since there is no moving parts. It is quick to assembly and install.

Productronica innovation award 2015: hall A3, booth 181