ASM Factory Chat

ASM Factory Chat: The App digitalizes production-related communication. ASM Assembly Systems

It reduces downtimes and increases the agility of manufacturing operations considerably. The app combines chat and other collaboration functions, machine-to-team communication, knowledge databases, a shift report generator, asset management software and an e-learning platform. It makes these available in a scalable and location-independent system on any internet-capable device. Users communicate in the way they are used to from Whats App or We Chat with easy messaging to groups or individuals, timelines, powerful search functions, and a whole lot more. A special feature turns Factory Chat into a professional, manufacturing-oriented app: each factory is described in compliance with the ANSI/ISA95 standard with machines, lines/departments and locations. This structure is then stored as a navigation tree. Once built, it is available to all users. This way, messages can be assigned to individual assets and all higher-level structures.

Productronica 2019: Halle A3, Stand 377