Thanks to clamping technology, the boards do not touch each other. This prevents assemblies from sliding over each other and thereby being destroyed. The magazine capacity can thus be increased by up to six times, resulting in fewer magazine changes. Basis for this is a modified standard PCB magazine with lateral clamping springs inserted in each slot. These springs hold the individual assemblies in position after the storage process. The line unloader AES 03 Speed is equipped with a telescopic pusher with distance measuring system. The push-in position is therefore freely programmable. The line loader AES 03 Speed then uses this position-true depositing of the assemblies to remove them individually from the slots. The system is equipped with a telescopic extractor, a distance measuring system and a sensor attached to the extractor finger. There are different unloading sequences such as the unloading of each assembly one after the other or the common unloading of all assemblies in the magazine slot together.

Productronica 2019: Halle A4, Stand 324