ESD personal grounding tester Gatekeeper Keinath Electronic

The Sparktrap EPA Gatekeeper is an ESD personal grounding tester Gatekeeper. (Bild: Keinath Electronic)

The integrated multifunctional RFID card reader supports almost any common RFID tags, and allows an installation without additional cabling.

The device has features such as the halo lighting effect, LAN interface, proximity sensor and many more. It is operated via a capacitive 7-inch touch screen, and turns on when approaching by the proximity sensor. After authenticating an employee via RFID, the device shows, which ESD tests have to be performed.

Pictograms and a short instruction video deliver the explanation for the measurement. The measurement result is then signaled by pictograms on the screen and by the halo lighting effect on the backside, green for a positive and red for a negative reading.

Measurement values are stored on the device and if required as a CSV-File on the ftp server. If nobody takes a reading, the device switches off into standby by the proximity sensor.

Productronica 2019: Halle A1, Stand 455


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