It is used in advanced R&D when thermal testing is needed for new microprocessors, large multilayer boards, PCB materials, new solders etc. under precise fast heating and cooling conditions.

XSO Super Oven Bokar

The XSO Super Oven offers low residual O2 levels when working with N2. Bokar

The Oven offers several features which cannot be found in any other oven: When filled in with neutral gas (eg. N2) it can achieve residual O2 levels down to 750.00 ppm due to sealed heating chamber. The four viewing windows (top and bottom and two on two opposite sides) use special low distortion glass to allow for observation of heated object with electronic microscopes and cameras. The operating temperature is long term at max. 380 °C plus 5 to 10 min. profiles with max. temp. reaching 400 °C. Heating and cooling rates reach 2 to 4 °C/sec. The oven accommodates board sizes up to 14” by 18” (356 mm x 457 mm) and can be programmed and operated from the front panel or run by the application from a PC.

Productronica 2019: Halle A4, Stand 106