Nordson Dage

The design gives special attention to quality with features such as a unique dual microscope mount for unparalleled image stability, precise nudge control for small geometry samples and ultimate step back accuracy up to +/- 0.25 microns. Load measurements can be recorded accurately in pull and shear down to 0.25 g. At the heart of the 4800 is Paragon software, which enables quick set-up with prompted checks to eliminate errors. This customizable software enables user profiles to tailor the functionality for each user, increasing efficiency and reducing possible errors. At the end of the testing, the software will even automatically output results to a specified location. Paragon boasts a highly configurable and intuitive interface as well as a wide variety of advanced functionality, such as automatic GR&R calculation, built-in diagnostics, a range of charts and a unique database search engine wizard. The superior reporting capability enables the creation of personalized reports and provides the ability to easily manipulate data using interactive graphs. Another key attribute is usability: Set up is aided by the wafer map creation tool, KLARF data implementation and alignment camera. Test procedures use the integrated wafer handling, smart chuck, Multi-Function Cartridge (MFC) and built in cleaning station to enable easy and quick testing. Post-test image capture and semi-automatic failure grading mean that the whole test cycle has been considered.

productronica innovation award: Halle A2, Stand 361 und Halle A4, Stand 106