The WTP 90 thus combines high performance and ergonomics of a passive system into the form of an active system soldering pencil. With a very short heat up time (< 9 sec), the quick and easy tip exchange and the separately exchangeable fast response heating element the WTP 90 is almost as performant and fast as other active system soldering pencils on the market. Constructed as a light weight soldering pencil with soft rubber grip it comes with a thin silicone cord for ergonomic handling especially for small-area applications, as for example micro soldering work under a microscope or touch-up work in board manufacturing. On top of the standard tips the WTP 90 can use high mass tips for better heat transfer. The exchangeable high mass tips have a copper core for effective heat transfer to the solder point. The WTP 90 meets all ESD standards and is optimized for all micro soldering applications as e.g. micro-assembly, manufacturing of mobile phones, hearing aids, small-component medical technology elements and other electronical applications.

productronica innovation award: Halle A4, Stand 241