This line layout trims 50 % of the line’s length by using the equipment’s space below the conveyor for functional use, such as a heated return or flash-off process.

The Panorama S-Line developed by Nordson Asymtek

The Panorama S-Line developed by Nordson Asymtek delivers conformal coating process control in a space-saving footprint with overlapping line processes that minimize manufacturing floor space. Nordson

The line includes a Select Coat SL-940 conformal coating system, automated coating inspection, exhaust conveyor, loader/unloader, curing modules, and flip and lift modules. The dual-deck design provides twice the heating length at a fraction of the floor space. A range of inspection options are available. A closed-loop system stabilizes and tracks the process, eliminates variations, validates coating results, and captures up-to-the-minute process data with FIS integration. Software makes set-up fast and intuitive, while offline programming avoids production downtime. Boards are fed into the process line while finished products are simultaneously unloaded. Flipping to coat both sides is automated. Inspection and course corrections are made in tandem with coating and curing. The conformal coating system features down-draft ventilation for safe VOC removal, while ventilation with extraction throughout the line is offered as needed.

Productronica 2019: Halle A2, Stand 345