This solution was built as a versatile testing machine, being able to have several configurations to perform different tests: manual PCBA, automatic PCBA, manual assembled device and automatic assembled device. Its modular design gives the ability to easily include new configuration tests for the system. TSIM has included a system that automatically monitors its energy consumption, with a user interface that can be used to visualize the information and receive notifications. This system was developed to be easily installed in other existing machines so it can be used in a whole production line, for example. All the materials and the machine architecture were chosen to be easily reused or recycled in posterior applications. Also, virgin materials were only used when no other option was available on the market. Remote Assistance allows users to easily get in contact with the manufacturer. This new tool is designed using Augmented Reality technology and is compatible with both Microsoft Hololens and Android (Tablet or Smartphone). Also, the tool is linked with the sensorization platform, giving the possibility to see in real-time the energy consumption of the machine.

Productronica 2019: Halle A1, Stand 424