Smart #1 SMT Factory  ASM Assembly Systems

Smart #1 SMT Factory ASM Assembly Systems

Today, the traditional factory floor is generally set up with one or more operators assigned to each line. They spend much of their time moving around the line to monitor the status of equipment, retrieving materials from the warehouse or seeking assistance. The Command Center drastically scales back the amount of time spent on non-productive tasks, introducing the first systematic operator pool model. The system constantly monitors the factory floor and assigns tasks through notifications on smart wearable devices, guiding operators to specific locations, and provides specific instructions on how to solve the issue at hand. Operators are assigned to tasks according to their qualifications. The different levels and task assignments can be customized. Also, the software incorporates the Remote Cockpit, allowing remote interaction for events that do not require hands-on intervention.

Productronica 2017: hall A3, booth 377