This machine is capable to perform multi-die bonding of up to ± 3µm@3s placement accuracy on singulated submounts by using eutectic bonding method, realized either with a ceramic pulse heater or localized non-contact laser heating with a cycle time up to 6s.

The CoS Die-Bonder from ASM Amicra Microtechnologies

CoS Die-Bonder ASM Amicra Microtechnologies

The CoS Die-Bonder from ASM Amicra Microtechnologies.

CoS Die-Bonder ASM Amicra Microtechnologies

Beside this bonding methods the machine can also be equipped with epoxy stamping suitable for solder paste or epoxy. Targeting the Laser packages for communication market, Lidar as well as other 3D sensor packages. One machine combines two independent bonders.

The heart of this machine is the bonding table equipped with two eutectic bonding chucks. While from the chip side the machine uses dynamic alignment method to pick chips and bond with high precision to a singulated submount, the submount side loads new submounts and unloads finished CoS, in parallel it can perform epoxy stamping or preform handling.

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