And it is made of Ryton, a heat resistant high performance polymer, which shows improved chemical corrosion resistance. So it will withstand corrosion from all wave solder fluxes. Further advantages are: The QR design has a fixed, one position, turn-in location, ensuring the jet is always 90 degrees to the PCB. The QR fixed position design also prevents overtightening of the jet, preventing cracking of the jet block. The QR Ryton construction material is non-stick to reduce flux residue buildup. Compared to the stainless steel/titanium Impact Jet, the QR Jet provides approximately double the time between maintenance on the Jet surface. Repeatability of the QR Jet spray pattern is better, +/- 1 degree, compared to +/- 8 degrees with the stainless steel/titanium Jet.

productronica innovation award: hall A4, booth 141