All components like stencil and squeegees as well as materials like paste or glue are identified in one go without operator intervention. Each single component is equipped with a dedicated RFID-tag, what allows the machine to distinguish between front and rear squeegee e.g. and to verify them against mounting position. The bi-directional RFID communication is fine tuned to only pick up systems that are inside of the printer. RFID Setup Control synchronizes the material flow with the information flow making equipment smart. The two-way communication facilitates not only the identification of certain RFIDs, but also the data exchange to provide additional traceability features. The system e.g. tracks the print cycle a stencil has had, add the number of cycles that were just added or can trigger the need to for a washing cycle prior to the next production run.

Productronica 2019: Halle 4A, Stand 324 (Asys)