Hans Jaschinski

In Memoriam Hans Jaschinski

Hans Jaschinski has passed away, and we miss him. Hans was a truly kind-hearted person, always helpful, sympathetic and lovable – and that is precisely why I wrote these lines with tears in my eyes. Those who knew him, and there are many in the electronics industry, will understand this, because Hans was far more than just a colleague or a journalist. Even in difficult and often very stressful times, he was a pole of calmness, prudence, kindness and motivation.

For more than 35 years of his professional life, Hans Jaschinski was a full-blooded editor until his retirement in 2020. He always remained loyal to "his" magazine, elektronik industrie – initially as editor and later as editor-in-chief.

With his calm manner, his immense knowledge and his fine sense for the real trends, Hans always knew how to set the right priorities and then follow them up with a pointed approach. The graduate engineer of electrical engineering and graduate industrial economics engineer even knew the company histories of very many companies and a lot of background information. At this point we could list so many good things, but we are at a loss for words.

Our thoughts are with his family, especially his wife and daughter.

We in the editorial team and throughout the publishing house are also in mourning, but we also say thank you for all the many wonderful moments with Hans and for the time marked by genuine humanity and collegiality. May he rest in peace.

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