Digital microscope VHX-6000 Keyence Deutschland

Digital microscope VHX-6000 (Bild: Keyence Deutschland)

| von deigner

If a different type of illumination is desired in order to visualize other features, there is no need to capture a new image. Because the lighting can easily be adjusted even after the image was captured – and thanks to the license-free software – it can be adjusted on any computer. Lighting techniques such as brightfield and darkfield, transmitted light, polarizing light and differential interference observations complete the system. For example, the dual zoom lens VH-ZST, with a magnification range of 20x – 2000x, supports the Keyence mix lighting, which combines brightfield and darkfield. The high-resolution RZ lenses allow analyzes down to the sub-micrometer range.

Productronica 2017: hall A2, booth 277


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