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This head consists of the head itself, the tools and the appropriate nozzle. Due to its construction, the head can change different tools independently. With each of these tools a special placement head is generated. The tools are able to change nozzles automatically. The Dyna Head can carry three types of tools: The S1 tool, which is a tool for a single nozzle or an adapter for the tools R12 or R04; R12 is a tool for a small turret with 12 nozzle holders and R04 for a revolver head with 4 holders. The R12 tool achieves a placement speed up to 25,000 components per hour; the R04 tool can reach a maximum placement speed of 11,000 components per hour and the S1 tool is defined with a maximum of 5,000 components per hour. The Dyna Head needs 3 seconds for the tool exchange, in which the measurement time for calibration is included. A typical assembly sequence is characterized by using the R12 tool for small component placement first automatically, than the R04 tool for medium components and at last the S1 tool for the placement of large sized components. A placement accuracy for the R12 tool with ±38μm, for the R04 tool with ±40μm and for the S1 tool with ±30μm is achieved. The Dyna Head can pick up parts from all available packaging forms like tapes, sticks or trays For replacing the tool or head, not even a screwdriver is required.

productronica innovation award 2015: hall A3, booth 317


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