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The pieces to be fed are deposited in a controlled feed hopper. The hopper then feeds a repositioning table which makes the pieces vibrate so that their position varies. A camera in the upper part of the table identifies the pieces in optimal position to be picked up by the robot or otherwise the signal is sent to the table to reposition the pieces. Unlike other precise feeding elements, this system is not linked to the geometry of the piece. Simply by training the vision system to recognize the new piece, the system is ready to manipulate it. Feeding the parts is Omron‘s Any Feeder. It feeds the connector while the rest of the pieces (base, coil and cover) are predisposed in chaotic position on an XY table but with the manipulation face in correct position. Therefore, there are four parts collection areas supervised by four independent 5 Mpx cameras that will be connected to an Omron vision controller FH-5050-2. The controller takes independent images of each of the feeding areas and tell the robot the position of each. Finally, the robot responsible for handling parts is a ABB model Yumi IRB1400, a fully collaborative, double-arm robot that manipulates pieces of up to 500 gr.

Productronica 2019: Halle A1, Stand 424


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