Laser marking system Titus Foba

(Bild: Alltec)

The ability to get the fiber laser unit out and replaced in another position quickly is a major asset in case of a product changeover.

Laser marking system Titus Foba

Laser marking system Titus Alltec

The small size involves that the marking is highly precise and contour-sharp while reaching top marking speeds of 2000 characters per second. Complicated fixtures and mounting are unnecessary: Just clamp on and go. The 10 m fiber laser umbilical length with the 30 W laser offers flexibility for integration.

The Titus Focus Finder is an integrated pilot laser for easier, faster and error-free laser installation process and setup. The tool guarantees that the laser is properly mounted. Additionally, it can be used for marking content simulation what makes the job setup easy.

The air-cooled IP65/IP69 laser marking heads and the integrated dust protection facilitate usage in harsh environments. The pulsed Ytterbium fiber laser with 20 (Y.0200-xs) or 30 W (Y.0300-xs) offers 1055 to 1075 nm wavelength.

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