In a first step, this modular digital service, hosted on the Komax Cloud, will enable transparency over the production by visualizing the machine and process data in comprehensive statistics. Furthermore, machine and process parameters can be observed, and any changes can be detected. Different modules will be available; in a first phase, the modules Visualizer and Deviation Indicator will be launched. The starting point is always the module Visualizer, which gives a high level of transparency for ad-hoc analyses by visualizing the machine data. With the Deviation Indicator, customers gain more control over machine settings as well as parameters. This is enabled by a constant observation of the machines (defined by the customer) and comparison among them. The service is offered with a new licensing model, giving customers the flexibility to use it without having to invest in for e.g. IT equipment and support. The fees include any updates and service during the subscription time.

Productronica 2019: Halle A5, Stand 211


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