Under a lot of new features not all mentioned here, there is a “bad board recognition” feature recognizing if an individual board is not populated on a multiple-up assembly. The system will skip this board, saving process material and increasing throughput. The fluxer module can be equipped with up to four multi-drop flux heads, allowing four boards to be fluxed simultaneously. In the solder module the Y- and Z- variables solder pots, up to now only available as separate options, are now combined and controllable in the Versaflow 4 software. The parameter Y-variable adjusts the distance of the two solder baths / nozzles automatically to that of the individual boards in a multiple-up. Different multiple-ups with differing offsets can now be processed in mixed production without manual intervention and without loss of time. With the new design, the solder bath not in use can be lowered by up to 60 mm below the working level, enabling to solder between very high components with one nozzle only. It is also possible to solder with two different alloys in one solder module. To monitor the condition of the wettable solder nozzle surfaces, the Versaflow 4 is equipped with an image processing system which is able to observe, from various angles, the condition of the solder nozzles and initiate, if necessary, the cleaning cycle for the solder nozzle surfaces. The Ersasoft 5 system software, a completely new development, features for example complete process monitoring and visualization, full process- and product data management, documentation and storage of all process- and system relevant data. The new selective soldering system can be implemented into a Industry 4.0 environment.

productronica innovation award: hall A4, booth 171


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