Convection reflow soldering system Exos 10/26 Ersa

Exos 10/26 is a modular convection full inline reflow system with vacuum module. (Bild: Ersa)

It stands out by maintenance friendliness e.g. due to lubricant-free roller conveyor in vacuum section or integrated vacuum pump with quick release and high quality due to a 4-part conveyor or autonomous heating in the vacuum chamber.

The system offers 22 heating and 4 cooling zones as well as a vacuum chamber after the peak zone. The vacuum chamber has an autonomous medium-wave emitter on top as well as heating plates on the chamber walls, which provide a constant temperature profile. Thus, a temperature drop in the assembly during the vacuum process is avoided and the liquidus of the joint required for void reduction is reliably maintained. The vacuum in the chamber can be controlled separately and therefore be integrated into the reflow process for specific assemblies. Sensors monitor the infeed and outfeed areas of the vacuum chamber. The drives for opening and closing the chamber are integrated into the upper part of the process tunnel.

Productronica 2019: Halle A4, Stand 171


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