Selective soldering machine Versaflow 4/66 (Bild: Ersa)


Versaflow 4/66 – fluxer


Both systems are equipped with Flex modules which consist of two independent X-Y axis systems in the flux and the solder module. This configuration allows the simultaneous fluxing and soldering of one PCB using two flux spray heads/solder aggregates that move independently from one another. In synchronous mode the flux heads or solder pots of both axes move in the same directions at a constant distance. This mode is designed for the processing of PCB panels. In the asynchronous mode each axis follows its own independent processing path. This means that one assembly can be soldered with two solder pots at the same time. As an option the flux modules can carry two spray heads per axis. Thus the flux module offers four spray heads with a maximum of two different fluxes for the process.

Productronica 2017: hall A4, booth 171


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