The high speed modules use VPC‘s proprietary high speed product: the VTAC High Speed Data (HSD) insert. The VTAC HSD was developed with the ability to transfer over 12.5 Gbps per differential pair, which makes the i2 MX of Virgina Panel the only test connector capable of these high speed data transfer rates. Fully populated, the i2 MX can house 22 VTAC HSD inserts making high speed data easy to acquire. The i2 MX can alternatively house 11 VTAC HSD inserts in a single module, while the other module can house either 18 coax/power contacts or 90 signal contacts. Being able to swap the connector‘s modules translates into lower testing costs in terms of maintenance and scalable customization. The VTAC HSD inserts feature contacts that have 50μ“ of gold-plating and are self-aligning, which makes mating the contacts easy and extending the number of mating cycles. Both the inserts and the i2 MX are quality tested to withstand 10,000 mating cycles. The i2 MX also features an EMI shielding to mitigate interference. All of these features are housed in a slim 0.8″ footprint.

productronica innovation award: hall A1, booth 159