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Empowering Design Innovation

Every day, electronic devices are becoming smarter with greater integration. Body sensors can monitor our health. Cars can drive themselves. Networked homes can power up when needed.

At Maxim Integrated, we’re solving engineering problems and empowering design innovation, enabling our customers to create products that shape our world. Our innovative and high-performance analog and mixed-signal products and technologies make systems smaller and smarter, with enhanced security and increased energy efficiency.

Building a Smarter Future

From our sensor platforms to our IC solutions for embedded security, power management, interface, communications, and much more, our technologies empower design innovation.


  • Analog-ICs, allgemein
  • Schalter, Multiplexer-ICs
  • Schaltregler-ICs
  • Verstärker-ICs
  • Watch-Dog-ICs

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Videos »

Educational Video – Industrial Digital Isolation

Learn about common data isolation technologies, why isolation is necessary and how to select the right digital isolator for your system.

Introducing the MAX32620FTHR Prototyping Platform

Get up and running quickly on your next project with the tiny MAX32620FTHR rapid development platform. The low-power Arm® Cortex®-M4 platform is loaded with connectors for peripherals, such as Adafruit feather wings, and a built-in bootloader.

Meet DARWIN: A New Breed of Low-Power IoT MCUs

DARWIN MCUs are built to thrive in the evolving IoT. This new breed of IoT MCU combines Maxim’s wearable-grade power technology with the biggest embedded memories in their class and some of the most advanced embedded security in the world.

Soldering Himalaya uSLIC Power Modules

Thong and Vienxay demonstrate how easy it is to solder a Himalaya uSLIC™ power module, designed for high efficiency in space-constrained applications. Vienxay shows step-by-step how to solder the MAXM17532 onto its evaluation board.

How to Prevent Battery Cloning Using the MAX17211EVKIT

In this video, Norberto explains why battery authentication is crucial for portable, battery-powered products.

SIMO Technology Overview using the MAX77650 PMIC

Watch as Gaurav demonstrates how easy it is to go from prototype to working design using the MAX32620FTHR development platform and the MAX44000 proximity sensor.

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