The machine combines a rotary incision with four intersecting blades, which provide a strong and balanced grip, high stripping quality and a broad application range, such as tough Teflon, strong Kapton and pliable silicon. The working range is 0.013 to 16 mm2 conductor cross-section (AWG 36 – 5) and up to 72 mm strip length. A microcontroller offers a set of smart processing functions. Several steps can be combined to strip multi-core or multi-layer cables. The machine can strip jackets and inner wires, cut the tip and twist the strands in a single run. Special functions, such as the offset pull-off with pre-pull, prevent nicks and scratches. Mira 340 also features a quick mode: by switching off the rotation, the wire stripper becomes almost as fast as a V-blade machine. The user-interface transfers smartphone-like usability to the shop floor.

Productronica 2017: hall A5, booth 211