The specialized distributed control system was designed in order to link different types of machinery into continuous manufacturing of wire harnesses. It includes intellectual management tools and both direct machinery control software and workplace assistance and monitoring terminal. System integrity and continuous workflow is provided with modern production equipment, such as flaglabel marking, subassemblies storage system, interactive harness assembly board and upgrading of old production nodes. The Computer appliance system provides all workplaces with instructions and help files. It results in significant drop to employees qualification requirements and decreases training expenses. A LCD screen provides operator with detailed instruction on each step of assembly process and allows switching between harness drawings in no time while hardened protection screen allows operator to rearrange wire holders in accordance to current drawing. Intellectual harness assembly software requires operator to scan unique wire end label in order to highlight the path and pins on proper connectors. Each circuit is then validated by integrated testing equipment, which reveals an error as soon as one made. Each machine is connected to a control unit or, in case of inability to operate machine directly, to the terminal. A control tool divides the harness assemblage process into small tasks for each workplace and controls them during production. All significant data, such as timestamps, errors, quality testing results, operator name, and etc. is logged for further analysis.

productronica innovation award 2015: hall A2, booth 200