EVS International

The new system shows drastically reduced size, weight (from 150 kg down to 30 kg), complication and footprint (reduced by 82.5%), while incorporating the transition to lead-free. Less components to look after result in improved running times and very high availability of 90% +. Every user of Waves/Selective solder machines from the thousands of small job shops to the user of one lead and one lead-free units have a reason to invest in the 500LF system and gain pure solder from the waste dross and an impressive return in months not years. The EVS 500LF also can help to reduce dedrossing time by 75 %. The simple but ruggedly designed unit is highly ISO14001 compatible enabling customers to reduce their solder consumption by up to 50+%. In addition, the EVS 500LF also can help to reduce waste dross off site by up to 85 %. The System meshes perfectly with environmental control systems and also helps to reduce customer‘s carbon footprint by utilizing the latent heat already imputed to the dross to help the recovery process.

Productronica innovation award 2015, hall A4, booth 141