FPXvision is a harmonized optical system comprised of two stationary HD video cameras and adapted optics. It allows the simultaneous visual representation of component and substrate structures. Both video feeds are merged into an overlay image used to align two bonding partners (e.g. chip to wafer) prior to the actual bonding process. The lenses have been specifically developed for this type of HD camera sensor having 10.1 MP resolution. This allows a large object field of 3.8 mm x 2.7 mm with 400 l/p respectively 1 μm/px. The optical systemis capable of moving to various positions along the component, extending the available field of view up to 100 mm. Multiple of those positions can freely be defined and can be called reproducibly whenever needed. This feature draws a benefit for working with components having alignment structures in a longer distance. For good visibility there is included a versatile LED illumination.This allows for good appearance of fiducials and structures independent of the surface material of component or substrate. Aiming at highest placement accuracy, the Vision Alignment System has been largely cut off from thermal influences by utilizing intelligent design solutions and suitable materials.

productronica innovation award: hall B3, booth 411