It provides access to rich data sources from the Valor shop-floor modules and combines data for high-value intelligence, using a tight integration with other Valor solutions in the factory. The tool improves order fulfillment by easily tracking each customer’s work order as the product moves through the factory. It also provides a display of current status of delivery against the due date, identifying bottlenecks in the production flow. Regardless of the mix of printed-circuit and assembly models in production, the tool increases manufacturing process quality by performing rich KPI calculations such as yield, FPY, OEE, CPH, NFF, defects, and DPMO at each process inspection or test station. Trend analysis also helps to determine root cause and to make calculated decisions. The product triggers customizable alerts and automatically generates quality reports. Measurement reports on test results include pass/fail data that is available for process.

Productronica 2017: hall A3 booth 328