Focus application is the removal of medicine residues in waste waters, accelerating degradation reactions by factor 2 to 4. Furthermore, size and energy consumption of electrochemical reactors in water treatment applications can be drastically reduced by keeping the same level of throughput.

Sonektro validation in an electrolysis cell

Sonektro validation in an electrolysis cell Fraunhofer-Institut IKTS

The aim of the project Sonektro is to place the electrochemical electrode system and a miniaturized ultrasound excitation on a ceramic carrier system by adapting production technologies from microtechnology, thus making them available in a form of ultra-compact, highly integrated arrays.

These arrays are then combined into modules that form the basis for a new type of reactor. However, the modules can also be used for the treatment of industrial waste water and for electrosynthesis applications in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Such demonstrators with a size of 100 mm x 100 mm have already been manufactured. The basis is aluminium oxide ceramics on which miniaturized ultrasonic transducers, the corresponding electrode coating and the separate contacts are assembled by a combination of additive and subtractive production steps.

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