The control XTPB card improves digital test throughput by 20 to 40%. A throughput multiplier doubles the throughput of a medium sized board by running in parallel with another board. The entire nanoVTEP probe assembly, including amplifier, has been miniaturized into a single probe, capable of performing vectorless. Testing is possible on devices with a geometric outline as small as 4×4 mm2.The ICT system is Industry 4.0-ready with the Path Wave Manufacturing Analytics (PMA) solution that performs advanced big data analytics using process, test and equipment data. It triggers alerts when detecting anomaly or outlier. The system supports IPC CFX and Hermes standard, Rest API, MQTT Broker (Event), and Datalog parser. Compared to previous generations it is up to 38 % smaller in width.

Productronica 2019: Halle A1, Stand 576