One Auto-SIR chassis can hold up to 16 measurement cards and can monitor up to 256 x 2-point test patterns or 78 x 5-point test patterns, or 32 x 9-point test patterns at selectable intervals from minutes to days. The design of the data acquisition cards minimizes channel-to-channel leakage. This is important because the extremely low levels of current involved in SIR measurements means that any stray currents (including electromagnetic noise or leakage between wire insulations) can significantly affect measurement accuracy. Independent temperature-humidity monitoring records the environmental conditions next to the coupon under test as the data is gathered for more accurate data analysis. The frequent monitoring capability provides a full picture of the electrochemical reactions taking place on a circuit assembly, and provides early trend analysis enabling tests to be curtailed. Auto-SIR 2 is capable of testing to all existing test specifications. Configurations are available with 64, 128 or 256 channels. Auto-SIR 2 offers truly continuous monitoring and measurement and runs on a low voltage system.

productronica innovation award 2015: hall A4, booth 470