In addition, its expandable multiplatform system offers the possibility of adding more machines for a work in parallel that reduces the cycle time. The handler can integrate a radio frequency shielding box ensuring an attenuation of 60 dB/6 GHz, preventing external interferences to influence the test results. It is able to run the normal tests in electronics production (In-Circuit Test, Functional Test and Boundary Scan), but also performs RF emission and reception tests, as well as RF immunity checks. The platform is designed to be installed in production lines with a multiplatform conception. Up to six test handlers can be added. It features an independent traceability system controlling the PCBs assignment to the handlers in the line, detecting the availability of each system. On the other hand, each platform works independently and has its own power supply and computer to run the test sequences, so if any fault occurs it is possible to disconnect the faulty handler without interfering the operation of the rest of equipment in the line.

Productronica 2019: Halle A1, Stand 451