This offers a completely automatic quality control system for products. A library of images is used in combination with specific program sequences, comparable to AOI systems or bonders, to automatically test a product without any effort from the user. Both pull- and shear tests are possible, from 0-2000N, without any limitations. The tester will select the correct sensor on the revolving measurement unit based on capability (pull/shear) or force range. Three installed camera systems make it possible to cover a work area of 370x168x168 mm³. Image recognition is performed with the two cameras positioned on the left- or right side of the measurement unit. The system can find fiducial marks, wires, dies and SMD devices. Two additional cameras can be added, and multiple camera configurations with wide view or high magnification are possible. The high accuracy makes it possible to find and track bonded wires, even if these are wavering due to external influences. The test position can be determined with micrometer precision and reproducibly and also be applied to other test objects. After successful testing the software also offers a grading run to inspect all test positions with the operator. Each test position is shown under the microscope or camera and the operator can visually determine the grading.

productronica innovation award: hall A2, booth 119