In the raster of the adapter there are the spring probes and the spring probes contact the rigid needle which have a deflection. The rigid needle contact the PCB/A. Advantages are: contacting PCBA with 150 µm testpad, pitch of 400 µm and a height of components of 5 mm. The needles are straight on the pad, not diagonally, so there are no damages; ca. 30,0000 contacting before you have to change the rigid needle; more than 5 Mio. contacting before you have to change the spring probes. If you reduce your testpoint from 0.8 mm to 0.12 mm, the test area can be reduced 45-times. Now you can set much more testpad, or the PCB can be smaller, can test on a line etc. Also Micro Contact developed for many years the own software, which calculate the deflection.

productronica innovation award 2015: hall A1, booth 154