This allows the Briz to be quickly and easily deployed at various locations across the production floor, and there is a reduced need for fixture storage space. The system ensures the highest level of test coverage by using a combination of boundary scan, in-circuit and functional test techniques. It is powered by Acculogic‘s patented boundary scan system. This allows fast programming of on board devices using JTAG/boundary scan ports. In addition, the Briz is equipped with auxiliary, ultra-fast, universal In-System Programmer, which enables device programming for devices that are not JTAG/1149.x compliant. The built in multiplexer permits programming multiple devices in parallel. The system is designed to be configurable with a variety of off the shelf test instrumentation for performing functional test: Integration of function generator, digital to analog Converter, scope and other test instruments; integration of VXI, PXI, and GPIB based instrumentation for analog & digital functional test and use of Labwindows CVI, Labview, Visual C/C++, etc.

productronica innovation award: hall A1, booth 465