Juki Automation Systems

It builds on the ACS/ISM 2000 predecessor, with even higher speed/throughput, powerful software with new features; and an intuitive interface fully on touch screen devices. The reel size mix that can be stored in the machine is now an adjustable parameter. Customers will not have to compromise anymore on storage mix, thus optimizing their storage capacity and investment. The machine is able to dynamically adjust the internal subdivision of space to accommodate changing mixes of reel heights from 8 up to 88 mm, and diameters from 7 to 15 inches The new case designs allow storage of Jedec trays on any case format. Easy integration with the customers ERP/MRP systems allow optimum materials planning. The System can communicate with all major brands of SMT placement systems and is completely ESD by default. The optional dehumidification kit can keep the internal relative humidity below the 5% level during all standard operations. The machine and case designs allow to store a maximum number of 3600 7″-8mm reels, but can accept any mix of reel sizes.

productronica innovation award: Halle A3, Stand 141