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Who extends the award?
The award will be bestowed by productronica: The “productronica innovation award” is extended by Messe München in cooperation with the trade journal Productronic to the winner of the respective cluster.

What will the winner receive?
The winner will receive a prestigious award for their entirely new development or advancement or improvement that differs significantly from the current state of the art.
The winners and finalists will achieve a high level of public and media attention: There are going to be reports on the submitted innovations already in the run-up to the event—in the visitor and exhibitor newsletters of Messe München, on the already mentioned websites and in the newsletters of Hüthig Verlag. During and after productronica 2019 , there will be extensive coverage of the award-winning products and processes in the print and online media of Hüthig Verlag and in the press releases of Messe München.

Where does the award ceremony take place?
The winners will be announced for the first time at the main press conference of productronica.
The productronica innovation award will be presented at productronica 2019 as part of the get-together on November 12, 2019.

What are innovations/new products or innovative manufacturing processes?
These are, on the one hand, entirely new developments and, on the other hand, advancements or improvements that differ significantly from the current state of the art.

What is the application deadline?
The deadline for your application is Monday, September 9, 2019. Applications received after that date cannot not be taken into consideration.

Will information on the submitted innovation already be published in advance?
On the registration form you can choose whether the information provided may be communicated and published in advance. If you choose for the innovation to only be published during the trade fair, we will of course treat all information as strictly confidential.