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Who is sponsoring the award?
The award is sponsored by productronica: The „productronica innovation award“ will be presented to the award winner in each cluster by Messe München in conjunction with „Productronic“ magazine.

What do the winners receive?
Winners are presented a prestigious award to honor their completely new developments or for advanced developments/improvements that differ significantly from the current state of the art. Winners and finalists generate a great deal of attention among the general public and in the media. Reports about submitted entries will be published before the exhibition even begins—in Messe München newsletters to visitors and exhibitors, at the above mentioned websites and at the websites of the Huethig Publishing Group. Detailed coverage of award-winning products and techniques will appear in the print and online media of the Huethig Publishing Group and Messe München press releases before and after productronica 2017.

Where is the award ceremony being held?
Winners will be announced for the first time at the main press conference for productronica. The productronica innovation awards will be presented at productronica 2017 during a get-together on November 14, 2017.

What are innovations/new product developments and innovative manufacturing techniques?
They can be entirely new developments on the one hand and advance developments or improvements that differ significantly from the current state of the art on the other.

When is the submission deadline?
The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, September 1, 2017. Unfortunately, applications that are submitted after that date cannot be taken into consideration.

Will any information about submitted innovations be released prior to the fair?
You may stipulate on the application forms whether the information that you submit may be communicated and/or released prior to the fair. If you indicate that you do not want your innovation publicized until the fair, we will handle any information that you provide as strictly confidential.