It is effective on all tin-lead and lead free flux types including no-clean and water soluble residues. The product works on the most demanding low-gap designs. All current drying technologies utilized in the market today like forced hot air, radiant and UV drying technology are effective with A4708. The powerful cleaning product is effective on a broad range of soils at the ultra-low 5% operating concentrations. It has an operating window of 5-20% concentration in typical processes and is specifically formulated for enhanced metal compatibility at demanding process conditions. It is safe for delicate gold and aluminum bonding pads and provides bright solder joints after multiple wash exposures. The cleaning material can be used in a multi-process environment, for use in spray batch, spray in-line and stencil cleaning processes. It is compatible with every cleaning machine made today anywhere in the world and easily controlled by a variety of manual and automated industry standard techniques such refractive index and gravimetric, manually or when using an automated process control system.

productronica innovation award 2015: hall A4, booth 409