The inspection is performed full-surface in 3D. In the process, each detail of the entire electronic assembly is scanned by a high-power line scanning camera. The heart of the X-ray technology is the high-performance sealed microfocus X-ray tube with up to 130 kV/390 µA. In connection with the specially developed 3D X-ray sensor technology optimum contrasts and a superb image quality are achieved. This feature provides the extremely high X-ray resolution of 8-25 µm. The 3D back calculation is performed on the basis of planar computed tomography. Even larger electronic assemblies, up to a printed circuit board size of 22″ x 20″ (optional 30″ length), are reliably inspected. The particular advantage for efficiency is the fast, reliable multi-level inspection in just one inspection pass. The system features an automatic separation of top and bottom sides through the software. The 3D approach with planar computed tomography and automatic separation of sides significantly reduce inspection time. Thanks to the handling concept Fast Flow with multi-chamber system and double gates, the 7058 is also extremely fast. With this system, the electronic assemblies can be moved within the system simultaneously.

productronica innovation award: Halle A2, Stand 177