The machine contains six process chambers. The loading and unloading of the chambers is done by a robot located in the middle.

Processing line Infinity Line C+

Processing line Infinity Line C+ Gebr. Schmid

Different process steps are possible in each chamber. The advantage is a huge reduction of power, water, exhaust and chemistries, in comparison of a standard conveying line. Processes can be run very precisely by switching on and off the chemistry within milliseconds. The panels arrive already clamped and in a Foup system, which is transported by AGVs or trolleys. Other automation systems in front are available. The panels are loaded in the transfer module of the machine which loads and unloads the process chambers. A significant saving can be optionally done by choosing clean room class ISO 6 configuration. The infrastructure will have lower requirements if the C+ has inside a clean room class ISO 6. It is not necessary to place the machine in a clean room environment. The panel is processed in one single chamber. All the process steps like development, rinsing and drying are made in the same chamber. The energy consumption is reduced by more than 60 % in comparison with a horizontal processing line for the same capacity.

Productronica 2019: Halle B3, Stand 205