The flying prober Pilot BT (Battery Test guarantees a maximum testing area of 1050 mm x 865 mm (41.33 ‘’x 34.05 ‘’) in order to accommodate all types of batteries.

Pilot Battery Test

The Pilot BT (Battery Test) tests 2,400 cells in less than a minute. Seica

Up to four independent test heads driven with synchronous brushless motors optimize the motion and positioning accuracy, providing high dynamic response. Each head is equipped with a high-resolution motorized camera for fast detection and recognition. Four laser sensors collect data at each measurement location in the calibration setup to have complete warpage profile control. Each motorized head drives a mini-fixture, able to test up to four individual cells in a single movement. With this temperature-controlled 4-wire measurement instrument, it is possible to discriminate mΩ resistor values with 1 µΩ resolution. The hardware incorporated directly on the four heads includes a 200 MHz DSP for processing the analog measurements. Pilot BT tests 16 cells simultaneously in one single movement, achieving test speeds of 2,400 cells in less than a minute.

Productronica 2019: Halle B3, Stand 570, Halle A1, Stand 445