The solution supervises the status of any technical facility and system remotely and forwards alarms once a problem is detected. It consists of three essential software components: Bridge, Server and App. Bridge collects, aggregates and encrypts sensor data which are passed on to the server. Plugged-in software adapters implement the different interfaces and protocols for data capture. The cloud-based server manages the data and stores the encrypted and anonymised sensor values received from Bridge. On request, these values are forwarded to the application. The server-side processing is carried out based on encrypted data. Based on the configuration defined by the customer, the smartphone application requests sensor information from the server which is edited and displayed. In case of malfunctions the smartphone sends an alarm. The Trust No One architecture enables remote monitoring without any external access to the network. Anonymisation and end-to-end encryption makes sure the information stays with the customer and is not transferred via the server. Only the app can decrypt and display these data.

Productronica 2019: Halle B2, Stand 534