Termin: 27.06.2011 08:21 Uhr - 29.06.2011 08:21 Uhr
Stadt: Wiesbaden
Veranstaltungsort: Wiesbaden
Veranstaltungsadresse: IQPC GmbH

Hear about Advanced Diagnostic Systems and new improvements in ODX standardization.

The proportion of electronics and software in vehicles – passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles – is increasing tremendously. The growing complexity of the E/E system makes fault finding increasingly difficult. The well-known phenomenon of „no-trouble-found-problems“ causes immense warranty and repair costs. In addition call-backs burden consumer confidence. Therefore diagnostic functions in development, production and after sales are increasingly important. In addition, reliable diagnostic systems are very important with regard to the proceeding electrification of the vehicle. Finally, the overall system of engine and exhaust-gas aftertreatment are also becoming ever more complex and emission legislation in Europe, the US and Japan are continuously becoming stricter.