Termin: 19.09.2010 22:00 Uhr - 21.09.2010 22:00 Uhr
Stadt: Stuttgart, Deutschland

Hear first hand case studies from world renowned companies and:

  • Learn about the implementation of different intuitive operational concepts to help solve the problem of overloading the driver
  • Find out how to best break down all necessary information between cluster location, centre stack, head-up display and rear-view mirror in order to display more data yet make the presentation appear less complex
  • Assess requirements of HMI in electric vehicles to be able to create a coherent concept for the vehicle of the future
  • Find out how to relieve the cognitive burden on drivers by allowing for personal configuration within ergonomic limits and capitalizing on the potential of intelligent assistant systems
  • Gain insight into OEM’s safety standards and economic interest regarding the introduction of additional applications to assess the future of multimedia solutions