Termin: 06.05.2015 09:00 Uhr - 07.05.2015 14:30 Uhr
Stadt: Dresden
Veranstaltungsort: Technische Universität Dresden
Veranstaltungsadresse: HORIBA Europe GmbH - NL Darmstadt Landwehrstraße 55 64293 Darmstadt

The 4th Horiba Concept Conference, a cooperative effort with the Technical University of Dresden, will provide an overview of the impact of new technology and vehicle requirements on the design and validation process. In addition, it will provide discussion opportunities on topics including the required development methods in testing and simulation.

Real Driving Emissions (RDE)

While the vehicle development process tries to follow the road to rig to simulation model, RDE legislation takes the opposite approach by shifting emission measurement to the road. This creates major challenges for vehicle manufacturers on one side and suppliers of the measurement technology on the other. These lectures will cover different aspects of RDE, ranging from legislative requirements, to implementation, as well as lessons learned.

Integration of Testing and Simulation

The need to cut development cost and development time, together with growing experience in simulation techniques facilitates hybrid methods, such as X-in-the-loop, and combined simulation and testing. This presents some challenges, such as data consistency, comparability of results, integration into complex development processes, etc. these are all currently under consideration by manufacturers. Especially „conventional“ functions such as handling and ride, noise/vibrations/harshness, aerodynamics, and passive safety.

Validation of Safety Critical Total Vehicle Functions

In some safety critical vehicle functions – especially when it comes to active safety in highly or fully automated driving, but also in functional safety issues – suitable validation methods still need to be developed. At the conference we will discuss requirements and solutions together, and determine future development needs.