Termin: 24.02.2002 23:00 Uhr - 27.02.2002 23:00 Uhr
Stadt: San Jose, Vereinigte Staaten
Veranstaltungsadresse: Penton Technology Media, Inc.

This event is an educational forum dedicated to the wireless systems design engineer. These are the individuals who develop and conceive the very technology in both wireless software and hardware. Over the years, there have been an array of attendees walking through the door, creating a melting pot of design engineers.

The majority of design engineer attendees pertain to the following industry categories:

  • Celluar Systems & Equipment

  • Wireless Data Transmission

  • Telcom Systems & Services

  • Wireless Communications Systems & Equipment

  • IC‘s and Semiconductors

  • Electronic Instruments, ATE Systems, Design/Test Equipment

  • other Communications Products & Services

The type of engineer that attends…

  • Executive & Operating Management

  • Design & Development Engineers/Managers

  • Engineers Services Management

  • Research & Development