See the manufacturing industry‘s smallest most productive, lowest cost full-function production ICT solution.

Teradyne‘s new Multiple Test Site („Multi-Site“) ICT systems target high volume, panelized board production. Using multiple parallel test sites, panel test times can be slashed as much as 50% to 75%, and units-tested-per-hour productivity soars. The resulting number of test systems, test fixtures and manual operators can be cut, sharply lowering both initial and recurring test costs.

TestStation Multi-Site is the new face of ICT. Teradyne Multi-Site systems deliver full parallel analog and digital ICT, FBT, Flash Memory, System Test multiple boards at a time, speeding panel test times and increasing units-tested-per-hour productivity. TestStation is Teradyne‘s performance in-circuit, functional and system test system family. TestStation‘s architecture delivers full function 6-wire performance analog and digital in-circuit test, easily augmented with functional test, boundary scan, flash programming, and parametric test options. With scaleable hardware and tailorable test methodologies, TestStation systems can fit any production test need and budget.

Teradyne Multi-Site systems are available for automated inline and manual offline end-use. TestStation Multi-Site inline systems feature a ‚Zero-Footprint‚ test head design that easily fits most automated board handlers. The efficient design requires no incremental space beyond the hander itself. TestStation Multi-Site offline systems require less than a square meter of floorspace, and 60% less power provisioning versus conventional systems.

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